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In Emergencies!

Have you fuel?
Was the fuel supply valve inadvertently shut off?
Is there power at the appliance?
Is there water in the heating system?
Doing these simple checks could save you the expense of calling out a plumber or service engineer.
Never leave taps running to prevent freezing, with water charges becoming a fact of life it is better and cheaper too to insulate pipes and cold spaces instead It is also advisable to have dripping taps repaired or replaced as well
Do not forget to insulate the water storage tank in the loft paying particular attention to the top of the tank (pvc lids are readily available if one is not already fitted) Save on fuel by turning down the thermostat a notch or two.
Fitting thermostatic radiator valves, a room thermostat and a cylinder thermostat can drastically improve the efficiency of your heating and hot water system
If replacing a boiler, cylinder or any other plumbing/heating component it is always wise to choose high efficiency models
Similarly with showers, wcís and taps. There are eco-friendly versions of almost every plumbing and heating component available to us
Make yourself familiar with the location of your mains water stopcock
Familiarise yourself with the various valves in your airing cupboard and what function they perform
Any plumber would be happy to label them for you (invaluable if you need to turn water off in the event of a burst pipe for instance)
Check them periodically to ensure that they will still turn as long periods of inactivity can leave them stiff and difficult to use
If you are leaving home for a period of time it is good practice to turn the water off and to time the heating to come on for a short time, morning and evening, to guard against freezing and dampness.